About Me

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My name is Melissa Barber and I am a designer. I was born and raised in the little town of Northwood, Ohio. In July of 2014, I moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan in which I'm doing freelance work for a home builder's magazine.

I am really passionate about everything that I do. I'm currently working part-time for a magazine publisher in Martin, Ohio. I do all of their graphic design for most ads and layout of the magazine. Someday, I would love to work for a women's magazine doing web and graphic design for them. Not only do I love to design, I also get into the technical stuff like coding in ActionScript 3.0, JavaScript, and C++.

My other hobbies include writing, swimming, and browsing the Internet in search of new technology.

Services I Offer

  • web page design (CSS/HTML/CMS)
  • website templates
  • development (JAVASCRIPT/PHP/C++/JQUERY)
  • graphic design
  • magazine layout and design
  • multimedia (FLASH)
  • tattoo design
  • slideshow videos
  • SEO advice